Welcome to Oldrabbits Art Site.

Fanart that others have done for me.

The artwork on this page. Belong to those who
have drawn pictures for me. I wish to give a big hug
and heart felt Thanks to you all.

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Oldrabbit is busy working on a picture.  Oldrabbit works on

  his next picture.



  Art © by Elisabetta Cotton (HollyAnn)

BlackFox gives oldrabbit a nice drawing.   Oldrabbit by Blackfox

  Part of a art trade.



  Art © by Theresa Clemo (Blackfox)

Blackfox gives Oldrabbit a little gift.   Blackfox is exchanging

   gifts with me.



  Art © by Theresa Clemo (Blackfox)

Oldrabbit as a raccoon. My I feel odd.  Oldrabbit is looking

   a little different. >:o).



  Art © by Theresa Clemo (Blackfox)

Roger, and Melissa enjoy a carnival ride.   Roger, and Melissa

   take a ride .



  Art © by Diosden Rodriguez (Digo Raccoon)

Gene gives Oldrabbit a little drawing advice   Gene is giving me

   a little advice.



  Art © by Albert Temple (Gene Catlow)

 Me as a little bunny.  Gene caught me as a

   small bunny. (Blush)

   Sure was cute..

   Art © by Albert Temple (Gene Catlow)

Oldrabbits birthday picture.  Gene gave me a

   birthday picture.


   Art © by Albert Temple (Gene Catlow)

Kevin J.Dog watches after the bunnykids.  Kevin watches the



  Art © By Thomas K. Dye (Kevin J. Dog)

Cindylou works in her flower garden.   Cindylou looks after

   her flower garden.



  Art (c)by Chris Farrington (Kelvin the Lion)

Oldrabbit enjoys his birtday party.   Oldrabbit enjoys his

   birthday party.



  Art © by (Dynamite)

Last Updated: January 1, 2001

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