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The Red Fox.

Vulpes vulpes..  Weight 4 to 5 kg

They can be found in most parts of North america,Europe, North Africa, Asia, and Japan. Also they were introduced into Australia in the nineteenth century.  

Fur color varies from a pale yellowish red to deep reddish brown on the upper body, underside is white or ashy. The paws, and lower legs are black. The tail tip is usually white, but can be black as well.
A variation in coloration also is found with the silver fox that goes from a silver to nearly black. Also the cross fox with reddish brown coat that has a black stripe running along his back, with another running across the shoulders.  

The red fox basicly is a omnivore. Eating mostly rodents, insects, and fruit.  Hunting mice is normally waiting, and pouncing on it's prey when they appear. They can sniff out prey in snow as well.

The female red fox has a litter of pups once a year. She either uses a den of her own making. Or one of another animal. After birth she stays with the pups for a while. The male brings food. But does not enter the maternity den. The pups are born blind but after 9 days to 2 weeks they open their eyes. It is 4 to 5 weeks before they leave the den.
Though weaned after two months or so. They stay with mom through the summer learning how to hunt, and survive. By 10 months or so they reach maturity.

Foxes do not form packs like wolves. They are solitary creatures, Otherwise there are family groups during parts of the year. They have territorys of 3 to 10 square miles. Depending on available food resources. They use dens of other animals, Other than the main den they have others for rest. Between are paths they use when moving around their territory. Which takes them through their favorite hunting areas. They can run up to 30 miles per hour (48km per hour). And jump over objects up to 6 ft.(2m). 

Red foxes live in many areas. But they desire a place with
diverse vegetation.


Fox Links...

I could write  more. But the following sites do
a fine job on information of the fox. Real, movies
and cartoon fox characters.

National Geograpic web site that has a lot of imformation
about foxes, and related topics.
Click here for fox site

The OzFoxes Fox Web. A fine website with art, comics,
and many other things on foxes.
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Arctic fox information.
Alaskan fish and game. (Alaska)
Arctic Foxes

Here is a fine site for fox facts from
the real fox to movies, and cartoons.
 The Big Blue Fox.

The World of Vicki Fox.
A nice place for info on foxes,
and other animals.
 Vicki Fox

A information site about Disneys Animated movie 
Robin Hood. Check it out.
 Disneys Animated Robin Hood

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