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Wild Rabbits

Wild Rabbits, Most types you will find around
the world are.

  • Arctic Hare - Lepus arcticus
  • Black Jackrabbit - Lepus insularis
  • Black-tailed Jackrabbit - Lepus californicus
  • Snowshoe Hare - Lepus americanus
  • Desert Cottontail - Sylvilagus audubonii
  • Eastern Cottontail - Sylvilagus floridanus
  • Brown Hare
  • European Rabbit
  • Riparian Brush Rabbit - Sylvilagus bachmani riparius
  • Riverine Rabbit
  • Spring Hare
  • Sumatra Short-eared Rabbit - Nesolagus netscheri
  • Swamp or Water Rabbit - Sylvilagus aquaticus
  • Volcano Rabbit or Zacatuche - Romerolagus diazi
  • White-tailed Jackrabbit - Lepus townsendii

  • Above is a list of many types of rabbits found around the world.
    Information on several of these rabbit types can be found at
    the following web site.

    Wild Rabbit Information.

    Rabbits are Well known for their long ears, soft furry
    coats, and fuzzy tails. Rabbits grow to nearly 24 inches /60
    Centimeters. Weight can reach nearly 12 pounds/5 kilograms.
    Color of their fur can range from black, brown, white, or a mixture.
    Their long ears help cool their bodies, as the blood
    flows through them.

    Wild rabbits eat the tender bark of some sprouts,
    also flowers, and other vegetation. They can
    play havoc with a garden. So most people don't
    want them in their gardens.

    Rabbits dig burrows in the ground to live in, where
    they raise up to eight litters of three to eight
    babies a year. Rabbits can live up to ten years.
    But are lucky to live more than three years in
    the wild.

    As with most wild creatures. It is best not to try
    to catch or handle wild rabbits. They will fight,
    scratch, kick, and bite. It is best to just watch
    them or take pictures.. If you wish a rabbit for
    a pet. There are pet stores, and breeders that have
    many good breeds available as pets.

    Below are links for web sites about rabbits,. real, and cartoon.

    Link to Bugs Bunny Burrow for info on the famous rabbit and related looney toon characters.

    Cottontail rabbits of texas.
    FYI's Rabbits, and Ferrets web site.
    Pet Rabbits..

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