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The Raccoon

(Procyon lotor)

Well known for their distinctive face markings, and their shaggy greyish brown fur. Along with their ringed tail. There have been many children's stories, and cartoons of this curious animal.

Though they can be found throughout north america. Most are found in the western mountain states.

The raccoon is a omnivor. feeding on fish,frogs, small mammals, birds, and their eggs. Also crayfish, fruits, nuts, and some vegetables too.
Their front paws work much like human hands as they can handle small objects with great dexterity. Their hindpaws also alow for easy balance.
The average size varies from 10 to 16 pounds. Though some males can be as heavy as 50 pounds.

Raccoons are nocturnal, and are seldom seen except at night. Spending the daytime in their den. Which is usually the hollow of a tree or log. Sometimes the dens of other animals.

Raccoons have one litter a year in the spring. Mostly a litter of four. but can be eight. As most small mammals. The babycoons are born with their eyes closed.

Normally, Raccoons are easily frightened away. But will fight fiercely if cornered. So best to take care as you would with any wild animal.

In areas where raccoons are common. They raid garbage cans, and anything else that contains food. Scattering the contents about. Also get into stables, under houses, and in attics if they have access.

Though very interesting to watch as they feed, and play. They can get to be a nuisance in camping areas. Raiding food from tents, backpacks, and garbage cans.

Generally raccoons pose little of a health hazard. It is wise to use care when you see them. Any raccoon that acts like it is sick, or shows no fear should be left alone, and reported, as they may be Rabid. Any bites should receive immediate medical attention.

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