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A illustrated adventure story about a rabbit.

Story and Illustrations © 2001-2004 by Donald L. Brown.
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Chips Adventure Page 10..

    A few minutes later Tasha stirs the coals in the fireplace and shortly has a nice fire going to make a quick breakfast. Soon after they sit down to eat there is a knock at the door. Chip goes to open the door, and greets Mac, and Tina. The young bunny bounces in, and runs to give her sister a hug. Mac smiles “I hope you both had a good night.”

    Tasha nods “Yes very nice, and thank you for the use of your home. “ Chip nods “Yes thank you.” Tina looks up at her sister and Chip. “I had a nice night too. Tasha smiles “I am glad sis.” Mac looks over at them “I hope we weren’t late, I know you wish to leave for home this morning.” Tasha smiles “No we have plenty of time.”

    For the next hour or so they make plans for returning sometimes soon. After which they walk out towards the barn. Chip looks around “I don’t see the dragon. He should have been here by now.. Tasha hums “I wonder?” Chip turns “What is it?” Tasha looks toward the volcano “It’s possible the dragon has returned to sleep at the volcano.”

    Mac ohs “Will it sleep for long? She nods “If it has it will sleep for a 100 years. Then when it wakes it will be a dangerous fire demon again.” Chip blinks “But I thought it was supposed to obey me.” Tasha nods “It should for a time, but in the future our descendants will have to tame the fire demon as you did, just as our ancestors did in the distant past.” Chip thinks “Then we must make sure they have the knowledge to tame him as we did.” Tasha nods “We will.”

    Just then Tina points “I see it Tashie! I see the dragon!” The others watch as the great beast flies over then quickly turns to pass overhead once more. Chip looks at Tasha then up as the dragon settles to the ground near them. Its great wings sending dust, and leaves through the air as it does.

    Chip calls out to the dragon “We wish you to take me, Tasha and the small bunny to the village where we went to last evening. The great beast nods “Sorry small master, I overslept.” He then lies down so Chip and the others can climb on its back.

    The young rabbit responds “I understand it’s alright.” Chip turns to the skunk “You have been a good friend Mac.” The skunk smiles “I hope we can remain friends.” Chip nods “We will return for a visit before winter.” Tasha nods in agreement. The skunk gives each of the rabbits a hug then watches as they climb on the dragons back. Moments later he waves to them as the great beast quickly lifts into the air, and soon disappears from sight.

    Soon the dragon crosses the first ridge bringing the volcano in plain view. Chip points “The volcano is smoking more.” Tasha nods “I fear we will have to leave our small valley soon.” Chip nods “It may be wise.” As Tina holds tight to her sister she asks “Where will we go Tashie?”

    Tasha smiles at the little bunny “Don’t worry hon. our father knows of a place for us to go.” Tina holds tighter as the dragon is momentarily caught in a downdraft. The dragon rumbles “hold on the air is rough today.” With that they cross the last mountain ridge where the small valley appears below.

    As they glide into the valley the little bunny shouts “Look Tashie”! The little bunny points to a distant rainbow spanning the far end of the valley created as the sun shines between the clouds of a passing mountain shower. Tasha smiles “It’s a good omen for our home coming.”

    Moments later the dragon quickly descends towards the small village. After a gentle landing the three rabbits climb down. Tina runs to see her friends while Chip tells the dragon to return to the temple each morning to see if he is needed. With that the great beast flies away.

    Tasha gives Chip a big hug and says “It’s good to be home.” He hugs back, and agrees as the elder rabbit shouts “Welcome home my children! “ The two young rabbits wave as Tasha shouts back “Hello Father.” He gives them both a hug, and says “Tonight we celebrate your wedding.

    Dinre, Chip, and Tasha all walk towards the village center where they meet well wishes from many of the villagers. Almost before they know it the sun is dropping below the western ridge. All day the preparations for the night’s celebration have progressed, and with darkness near large bonfires are lit in the village center.

    Soon the sounds of drums and singing fill the air as Chip, and Tasha are led to a large flat rock where Dinre stands to officially present them to the village. The elder rabbit then raises his arms as he stands between his daughter, and Chip. With that everyone becomes silent as they wait to hear his words.

    “My fellow villagers, most of you know this young man as the one who saved our village from the fire demon. I am now proud to say that he and my daughter have become mates. Now I ask you to give them a wedding celebration they won’t forget.”

    With that he places Chip, and Tashas hands together, the celebration begins with shouts, and song. Soon the small valley echo’s with the sounds of drum beats as the two young rabbits are carried to a place of honor at a large table. There they share a large meal as they are entertained by dancers, and acrobats.

    It is late into the night before the party slowly ends. Chip and Tasha walk to a small hill at the edge of the village. There they sit in the grass, and lean back against a large tree, Chip points “Look the moon is much as it was the first time we sat here.” Tasha nods “Yes it is. Do you remember what we talked about then?”

    Chip hums “I think we both talked about what we wished in life.” Tasha lays her head on his shoulder, and smiles. “Yes, that’s right. So do you feel you have what you wished this night?” The young rabbit looks down into his mate’s eyes, and nods. “I could not ask for more my love.” Tasha smiles looking back “I feel the same my love.” They both kiss softly, and hold each other close as they sit, and soon fall fast asleep.

    The two young rabbits wake with the suns first rays. Tasha sits up rubbing her eyes. “My goodness the sun is up.” She shakes Chip “Wake up, we fell asleep. Father will be worried about us.” Chip yawns then blinks his eyes as the bright sun shines in his face. “I am sure he expected we might not come home last night.”

    Chip stands up dusting his clothes off then helps Tasha dust hers. “If your ready lets head for your fathers house. Then I would like for us to spend a few days alone in the mountains.” Tasha looks at Chip with a smile “That would be nice. I know of a beautiful place we could go.”

    The young rabbit smiles back “That sounds good great.” The two young rabbits hug then hurry toward the village center. Soon they are at Dinres house where they are greeted by the elder rabbit. He smiles “I hope you enjoyed the celebration.” Tasha nods “Very much father.” Chip nods in agreement “Yes it was a wonderful party”.

    Tasha gives her father a hug. “I hope you weren’t worried when we didn’t come home last night”. Dinre smiles “No, I wasn’t worried. I know you both need to be alone at times”. Tasha smiles “Thank you father”. Chip speaks up “We wish to spend a couple weeks in the mountains before the weather turns cold, just to enjoy being together before winter”.

    Tasha smiles “It will be a time for each of us to remember father. Dinre shakes his head “I think I understand, but there are dangers in the mountains. Please let me send a couple guards along to protect you. Tasha shakes her head. “You have taught me well about the mountains, and Chip has learned much these last months. So I think we will be fine”.

    Dinre rubs his chin “I understand. But I will send a guard to meet you at standing rock in one week, in case you need anything Okay?” Tasha smiles “That will be fine father.. Thank you”. Dinre smiles “Forgive a old rabbits worries. You two mean much to me.” Tasha smiles “You mean much to us father.” She gives him a tight hug, and tells him the area they plan to go.

    Tina runs up to her sister and says “I want to go with you and Chip”. Tasha sits giving the little bunny a hug. “Chip and I need you to stay here with father while we are gone.” The little bunny looks at her sister with her big brown eyes, and begins to cry as Chip sits with Tina between him and Tasha. “You can go the very next time”. With that he tickles her a little. Tina giggles a little: “Ok! I will stay with daddy.” Tina hops over to the elder rabbit, and gives him a hug.

    The two young rabbits spend the rest of the day preparing for their mountain trip. By that evening their packs are full with supplies for the next two weeks. Dinre smiles “Any time you need help just send a smoke signal. I will have the guards watching”. Tasha giggles: “Oh father you worry to much. We will be fine.” With that she hugs the elder rabbit.

    Chip smiles “I am sure all will go well sir”. Dinre nods as he gives the young rabbit a hug “Keep a eye on the volcano. If it grows active we will be moving towards the south past the swampy part of the valley”. Chip nods “We will sir.” Tasha hugs her father once more “We will be watching, and will hurry to meet you if it does “With that they all decide to get some sleep so they can make a early start.

    The next morning dawns clear with a few stars still showing in the eastern sky as the two rabbits start on their two week trip into the local mountains. Dinre, and Tina follow them out to the edge of the village, and wave goodbye as they watch them disappear in the distance.

    Authors note. This is the end of the first part of Chips adventures. It will continue, but it will be shorter stories in a continuing series instead of a long story. Occasionally interrupted by other short stories.. Thank you. Old Rabbit >:o)

Continued once or twice a week.
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