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Story and any Illustrations © 2005 by Donald L. Brown.
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Ancient Ruins........................Page 4

    One older raccoon waves to Tasha, then says: “Tasha girl. How have you been?” The rabbit girl smiles: “Just fine Tanger. I got married since you were here last.” She grabs Chips hand pulling him close: “This is my mate Chip.” The old raccoon grins wide. “Young fellow you got a prize bunny there.” Chip nods “I think so too sir.”

    Tanger notices the strange raccoon, and strokes his chin fur. “Tasha girl, who is this ringtail fellow, it’s unusual to see one of our kind in your valley. Tasha nods: “This is Raster. We were hoping he could travel with you when you leave our valley."

    The older raccoon looks at Raster for a minute then says: “Tasha girl if your father asks me. Then I will. How did he come to be here?” Raster steps up: “Tanger Sir I was involved with some bad ringtails by mistake. Chip and Tasha helped me escape.”

    Chip nods as the older raccoon shakes his head: “What you were young ringtail is in the past. You mind your own business, and we will get along fine.” Raster nods: “Yes sir, Tanger sir.” The older raccoon pokes Raster on the chest with his finger: “Call me Tanger young ringtail. We are just common folk.” Raster nods.

    About that moment Dinre walks up: “Hello Tanger, how you’re trading business these days?” The older raccoon grins and shakes hands with Dinre. “It’s been good this year my old friend.” The older rabbit smiles: “Glad to hear it. I see you have met our visitor already.” Tanger nods: “We can take the young ringtail with us if that’s your wish.” Dinre nods: “Yes, that would be appreciated. But we have gotten rather used to having him around. So I will let him stay a while longer if he wishes.”

    Raster blinks and turns to the older rabbit: “I don’t know what to say sir.” Tasha jumps in. “Say yes Raster.” Chip nods with a smile also. Dinre smiles at the young raccoon: “Since you have been here many of our villagers have grown fond of you. The children especially and I have as well. In fact the children want to make you a honorary rabbit.”

    Tasha starts to giggle as she thinks of how Raster would look with long ears. Raster kinda wrinkles up his nose then starts to snicker. Pretty soon everyone around them is laughing even Dinre and Tanger. After a minute or two Raster tries to apologize for laughing at the honor, but Dinre shakes his head saying not to worry about it.

    The elder rabbit smiles: “Raster if you wouldn’t mind we can have a little ceremony to let the children show their affection for you”. Raster clears his throat:“Sir I would be proud to”. Tasha claps: “The little ones will be so happy Raster”. She gives him a hug. Tanger grins: “For a hug like that you can make me a bunny too”. Tasha giggles: “Tanger just be sure to give each of the children two pieces of candy, and I will give you a hug too”.

    Tanger scratched his chin fur a bit: “Well if you father will pay for the sweets I will see to it”. Dinre nods with approval. Tasha hugs her father giving him a kiss on the cheek: “Thank you”! The elder raccoon grins: “Now where is my hug”. Tasha starts to give him a hug, but before she can Tangers wife grabs his ear saying: “No hugs from cute bunnies for you, you ole rascal”.

    Tasha just smiled as the elder raccoon was led away. Chip came up and said: “You can hug me hon”. She smiled at her mate and hugged him tight rubbing his nose with hers. Raster stepped over to Dinre: “What time you wish to have that ceremony sir”? He thought a min then asked Tasha. “How soon could we get the children together for Rasters ceremony”?

    “Oh I think a hour or two. Some will be doing chores or napping”. Dinre nods: “Would it be better to wait till tomorrow”? She ums: “Yes it probably would. I can spread the word this afternoon, and they would all know by tonight”.

    The elder rabbit nods: “Then if it is well for all we can set it for mid-morning tomorrow. Say it is by my order that they all gather at the central square tomorrow morning at 10. To make our ring-tailed visitor a honorary rabbit”. Tasha smiles: “That should get them all here”.

    With that Tasha hurries to spread the news to the children while Chip, and Raster decided to see what the traders had to trade.

    Tanger like most raccoons felt shiny things were of great value, and pointed to a tear drop shaped stone that glistened and sparkled in the sunlight as he picked it up. He smiled at Chip then said: “I think your prize bunny would like this pretty stone”. Chip looks with interest holds it where shines in the sunlight.

    Raster ohhs as he looks on. Then whispers to Chip: “Tasha would love it I am sure”. Chip nods as he hears. The ole raccoon grins as he watches. The young rabbit smiles: “Would you have something to fasten it so she could wear it from her neck”?

    Tanger ums: “Let me look young fellow”. Then the ole raccoon dives into a large trunk. About all you could see was his tail. But after a few minutes he returned with a gold colored braid. “What do you think of this”? He said holding it out. Chip smiles: “What is the braid made from”? The old raccoon smiles: “It’s made from strands of golden silk. It is very strong, and should carry the stone for many years”.

    Raster smiles: “Didn’t you say it was Tashas birthday next week”? The young rabbit looks at the young raccoon, and nods: “This is very nice, but I don’t think I would have anything to trade for it” He starts to hand it back when the old raccoon said: “A blanket a nice rope, a net. Anything of good quality I would consider trading young rabbit”.

    Chip nods as he hands it back to the raccoon: “You keep it, and I will see if I can find something”. Tanger places it in a small bag, then in his vest pocket: “I will keep it for you today young fellow. But tomorrow it will be available for trade again”. Chip nods: “I understand”. Then he and Raster decide to leave.

    A few minutes later Tasha shouts for them to wait: “I thought you two would still be at the trader’s tent” Chip shakes his head: “Raster and I decided to leave”. Tasha smiles: “I got the word spread about the ceremony for tomorrow. Raster we need to go over a few things”. Raster nods as Chip says: “I need to take care of something Tasha. See you and Raster later”. Chip hugs his mate then leaves.

    Later that evening Chip looks through his possessions to see if he has something to trade. Not finding anything he or Tasha could do without he sits with his chin on his paws. A short time later Dinre walks in and asks why he looks so glum.

    The young rabbit looks at Dinre and says: “The traders have a nice object I would like to give to Tasha for her birthday, but I don’t have anything to trade”. The elder rabbit smiles sitting nest to him. “She has the greatest gift anyone could give her my son, your love”. Chip sighs: “I wish I could give her a token though”.

    Dinre nods: “To pass through our valley the traders offer me the choice of a few items of value. I can request the object you want to be included”. The young rabbit’s eyes brighten: “I would wish to work it out sir”. The elder rabbit’s eyes twinkle: “I do have a request of you”.

    The young rabbit looks at Dinre: “I would be glad to do what you request sir”. The elder rabbit pulls out a small cloth pouch: “This necklace belonged to my mate; Tashas mother. I wished to give it to her for her birthday, but it needs a new string. I would do it but my eyes are not good enough. If you will do this I will get the object you wish”. The elder rabbit hands the pouch to Chip.

    Chip looks inside the pouch to see the intricate necklace: “I would be proud to sir. Do you have a new string?” The elder rabbit shakes his head no: “Perhaps the traders will have one”. The young rabbit nods: “I will go see. Should I say it’s for you?” Dinre nods: “Here I will write you a note to give Tanger so he will understand my wishes”.

    The young rabbit waits till Dinre writes the note then smiles: “I will go now. You best keep this till I have a new string.” He hands the pouch to the elder rabbit, and says. “I will return soon”. The young rabbit after excusing his self heads for the trader’s tent.

    The ole raccoon smiles as the young rabbit walks up to the table: “Well young fellow did you find something to trade”? Chip smiles: “Dinre gave me this note to give you.” Tanger looks at it then pulls the pouch from his vest coat, and hands it to Chip: “Here you go young fellow. Do you see anything else”?

    Chip nods: “Do you have more of the string you put with this stone”? The ole raccoon scratches his chin for a minute: “I don’t think so, but let me check”. A few minutes later after rummaging through several boxes he returns holding a dark colored string:. “This is all I could find. It is not as pretty, but is strong”.

    The young rabbit looks at the string: “I think this will do. It’s for Dinre, I don’t know if he said that on the note or not”. Tanger looks at the note: “Well it doesn’t say specifically, but it is a small item. You sure it’s for him”? Chip nods: “Yes its part of a gift he is giving to Tasha”.

    The raccoon smiles: “Then there is no charge. The young bunny girl has always been special to me as well as her father.” The young rabbit smiles: Thank you sir, I will tell him”. Tanger nods: “But just call me Tanger young fellow”. Chip says ok as he starts back to the large house of the village.

    Upon returning to the large house he finds Tasha and her father sitting together. She jumps up to give him a hug then both sit. Chip smiles as he hands a small pouch to Dinre. “Tanger said to give you this sir”. The elder rabbit nods as he takes it.: “I will see him later. Now I will leave you two here. I have things to do”.

    Chip and Tasha tell him bye then Tasha smiles: “So what have my father and you been up to”? The young rabbit ums: “Well nothing really. He just wanted me to ask Tanger for something”. She looks at Chip with a doubtful eye: “Well it is close to my birthday so perhaps I shouldn’t be asking questions.”

     She pokes his chest: “But after that I won’t be so easily distracted.” Chip breaths a sigh of relief and nods: “ok love. I am hungry, lets see if Nanna has anything to eat in the kitchen”. She nods, and they both hurry to go see.

    The next morning breaks clear, and soon the village center is busy with preparations for the celebration of making Raster a honorary Rabbit. The young raccoon slips in the back way to the large house where he is met by Nanna the old housekeeper . “Raster are you about ready to be made a rabbit”.

    Raster, a bit embarrassed smiles: “For the little ones benefit I am, Nanna”. She gives him a hug: “It’s sweet of you to do so”. Chip and Tasha walk in just then, and smile. Tasha is carrying a head band with what looks like rabbit ears on it: “I have your ears Raster”. She giggles just a bit as she says this: “But that long tail. Umm”.

    Raster grabs his tail: “I couldn’t give it up”. Tasha gives him a hug: “Don’t worry your tail is safe. You tuck it in your pants and we can put this wad of cotton on the outside”. Chip smiles: “You will be looking the part then”. Nanna nods: “You three best hurry with breakfast. The celebration is starting very soon.

    A short time later Raster, Chip, and Tasha with the headband and cotton tail arrive at the village center where the young raccoon is mobbed by a crowd of little bunnies singing and shouting his name.

    “We have a friend who wears a mask and Raster is his name. Soon he will be one of us all the same. Wearing long ears, and a cotton tail, he will be a bunny too, and Raster is his name.”!!

    Tasha raises her paws and tells them to settle down. She then leads Raster to the place of honor where he is met by the elder rabbit. Dinre smiles as he faces the happy crowd then says: “Today we add a new member to our family. Even though he is a raccoon in body, his heart is as ours. So with great pride we honor this young fellow and make him one of us. You will always be welcome to our village as all rabbits are”.

    The elder rabbit then places the headband with the ears on Rasters head saying: “With this symbol we declare you a honorary rabbit.” After which he hugs the raccoon.

    The crowd shouts Raster! Raster! Raster! Tasha again holds up her paws and says: “I think we should let our new rabbit say a few words.” She then steps back beside her father, and Chip.

    Raster swallows a couple times then after a bit of encouragement from Tasha he begins: “A few weeks ago I would never have thought anyone would care enough about me to be my friend much less to give me such a honor as this.” Raster turns and says: “Your princess Tasha and her mate found me and brought me here. I know those of my species can be thieves, but you all gave me a chance, and became my friends. Especially the young ones as it is because of them I stand here today.

    I wish you all to know I feel much pride with this honor and knowing there is a place in this great world I am welcome means much… to..me.. “ With that Raster chokes up with tears filling his eyes.

    Tasha walks forward and asks the little ones to sing for Raster. As they do that she hands him a small cloth. Soon he is smiling with the little bunnies all about him singing, and dancing around him. Soon all the little bunnies are given special treats by Raster. Then everyone has a fine meal after which the afternoon is spent playing games by all..

    As evening approaches everyone leaves for home. Tasha Chip, and Raster still wearing his ears and cotton tail wave to the little ones as they do. Tasha gives the raccoon a hug: “I am proud of you Raster. The little ones never had such a special day before.”

    Raster smiles: “I am sorry I got choked up during the ceremony.” She smiles at the raccoon with a tender look; “Don’t you worry about that dear Raster. It shows your kind heart, and we all respect you for it”.

    A moment later Tanger walks up, and grins at Raster: “I don’t think I ever saw a rabbit with a raccoon face before young fellow.” The young raccoon smiles a bit: “Well I guess I am the first one then.”

    Tanger laughs, and nods. “I wanted to tell you we will be leaving this valley the day after tomorrow. You are welcome to travel with us if you wish to. Raster nods: “Thank you sir, I will let you know tomorrow.” The old raccoon grins: I told you to call me Tanger, I am not a sir, but that will be fine young fellow.”

    Dinre asks for Tanger to walk with him as Chip, and Tasha look at Raster a bit sadly: She says: “I hope you decide to stay.” Chip nods in agreement. Raster smiles at Them: “I haven’t decided quite yet”.

    Tasha smiles: “I am sure my father would let you stay if you wish”. Raster nods as he removes the ears and cotton tail. “I feel very welcome here. But I am not a rabbit, and to meet another of my own kind I will have to leave one day”.

    The three walk toward the large house at the village center. The young rabbit girl nods with Rasters statement: “Yes that is true the only raccoons that can pass through our valley are the traders”. Chip nods: “You did notice the young raccoon girl with them didn’t you Raster? “

    Tasha looks at Chip: “Leave it to a guy to notice a girl”. She then elbows him playfully. Rasters ears perk up: “I didn’t see her.. When did you see her?” Chip dodging his mates elbow smiles: “She was helping Tanger last time I was at their camp. Perhaps she was inside a tent when you were there.”

    Raster scratches one of his ears: “perhaps I should go over and pay my respects to the lass”. Tasha nods: “You should”. Chip nods in agreement as their raccoon friend leaves for the trader’s camp. Tasha smiles: “Wouldn’t be nice if she likes Raster”. Chip nods: “She seemed very nice.”

    Tasha grabbed Chip putting him in a head lock. “How do you know how nice she is”? Chip struggles playfully: “Please love she just asked if I was looking for something”. She wrestles him to the ground, and giggles: “That better be all”.

    Raster soon arrives at the traders camp, and is met by Tanger. He smiles: “Well young fellow, have you decided already?” Raster shakes his head: “No, but I wished to enquire about the young girl among your party. My friend said he saw her.”

    Tanger looked at the young raccoon sharply while scratching his chin fur. “That would be my niece. Why do you ask?” Raster clears his throat a bit. If her father or mother is about , I would like permission to meet her.”

    The elder raccoon eyes twinkle a little at Rasters polite manner. “Well young fellow her folks were lost in a flood a few years back. So I am her closest kin. I reckon it would be alright for you to meet her.”

    The young raccoon smiles broadly: “Thank you.” Tanger nods: “Her name is Sara.” Raster smiles: “A pretty name, when can I meet her?” “Right now young fellow.” Tanger starts to call out for his niece when Raster stops him. “I would like to clean up a little first. Could you tell her I will come by in a hour?”

    Tanger nods: “I understand young fellow. I will have her here with me when you return.” Raster smiles: “I won’t be late.” He hurries off toward the village center to see Chip, and Tasha. After finding them Chip offers to help him clean up.. So just before the hour is up Raster is walking toward the trader’s camp looking well groomed.

    Meanwhile Sara and her uncle Tanger are talking in their tent. She says: “Please uncle, I don’t wish to meet this stranger, I am too shy.” He gives her a small hug. “Sara my child, you are at the age that you should meet young fellows. This fellow is most polite, and I think you will like him. I will be close by if you need me.”

    She smiles a tiny bit with her uncle’s hug then nods: “I suppose you are right. I will meet this Raster fellow”. With this she follows Tanger to the main tent of the traders camp. A few minutes later Raster arrives, and Tanger introduces both of them to each other.

    Raster smiles as he looks at the bashful Sara: “You have a pretty name”. She turns her head bashfully as her fluffy tail sways softly in the light summer breeze. Then Raster asks if she would like to talk a while. Tanger nods: “Sounds like a good idea. There is a nice spot over by that small waterfall.

    Sara bites her lip a bit shaking her head no, but with her uncle and Rasters urging she agrees. She looks at her uncle: “Please come with us.” The ole raccoon smiles: “I can see you both from here young lady. Now be off with the both of you.”

    Rasters kind voice and manner soon over come Sara’s fears, and shortly they are both slowly walking towards the stream. She glances back as if hoping her uncle would follow. But he just waves her on. Once there they each find a nice flat stone to sit on. They both sit quietly for a while. Then Raster asks: “Isn’t it a nice day”?

    Sara glances over to the trader’s camp then back at Raster. “Yes it is nice.” He smiles at her as he twitches his tail tip. “I guess I should tell you a bit about myself. Would you like that?” She sighs just a bit and nods: “I suppose if you want.”

    The young raccoon frowns a little then turns away: “I am sorry if I am bothering you.” Sara bites her lip a little: “It’s not that, you have been nice. It's just I am not used to meeting new people. Also if you’re looking for a mate I am not interested, at least not now.” She turns to toss a pebble into the creek.

    Raster watches the splash from the pebble then looks at her. “I must admit a hope one day to find a mate. But I only wished to meet you, and perhaps be friends.” The young raccoon girl looks back at Raster. There was something in his eyes, and voice that just melted her defenses. After a few moments she smiled at him and said: “Please tell me about your self.”

    With that Raster tells her about his young life and how he happened to be there in Coelho village. “I am not asking for pity, just understanding. I got with a bad group who only used me and I am glad to be free of them.

    She looks across the valley at the ruins atop the cliff face, then back at Raster. “I am glad you decided to be a honest raccoon. My uncle has told me many good things about this valley and it’s people.” The young raccoon nods: “They have treated me well and offered to let me stay. The little ones have made me a honorary rabbit even.”

    Sara looks at him and says: “A rabbit?” He nods: “It’s true.” With that she starts to giggle then laughs out loud almost rolling off the stone she was sitting on. “I .. I am sorry.. But the thought of you in long ears and little cotton tail is so funny.” Raster grins, nodding.. “It was.. But the little bunnies are so lovable and sweet I couldn’t turn them down.”

    She smiles, and nods: “They are, and you’re very sweet to go along with their wishes. I am beginning to understand why you’re so well liked here.” Raster was blushing under the fur. After a few moments he smiles at her: “I hope you find it in your heart to like me as well.”

    The young girl looks at Raster, feeling a strange attraction to this raccoon who she has only known for such a short time. She says: “Perhaps I will Raster. Perhaps I will.” With that they sit quietly for several minutes when Chip and Tasha walk over from trader’s camp and say hello.

     Raster stands and introduces them to Sara who says: “Nice to meet you both. But I should go see if my uncle Tanger needs me.” Tasha nods: “Please don’t leave because of us.” She smiles and shakes her head: “I am not.” She then says bye to Raster and hurries back to the camp.

     Chip smiles as he watches her leave. Then asks Raster what he thinks of her. Tasha sits on a large flat rock as Raster responds: “She is very pretty, seems nice too.” Tasha nods: “A polite young lady.” Chip nods as well: “But you will have to go with the traders to keep seeing her.”

>     Raster nods slowly as he looks across the small valley: “I hate to leave. You both and the others here have been very nice to me. Still to meet other raccoons I will need to leave. I think I will travel with them and if all works well I will return to visit.”

    Tasha stands wiping a tear from her cheek. Then gives him a hug and says: “We will miss you Raster. You must come back to visit.” Chip nods: “You will be welcome here anytime.” He hugs the bunny girl back, then Chip as well: “I will do my best to do so my friends.”

    Raster decides to go see Tanger to tell him he plans to leave with the traders. Chip and Tasha wait for him. Afterwards they all walk back to the large house in the village center. Later that evening they make plans for the next day.

    Chip offers Raster a cup of tea. He nods saying thank you: “Tomorrow I would like to say goodbye to my friends and the little bunnies.” Tasha nods: “Chip and I will help pass the word. I am sure they will all wish to see you before you go.”

    Raster nods: “I don’t look forward to saying goodbye to the small ones. I fear many will cry.” Tasha nods taking Rasters paw: “Yes some will. But they will look forward to your return.” Chip nods: “They sure will.”

    The young raccoon sighs: “It’s hard to say goodbye. Especially to good friends.” They all agree, and all three hug at once, and after much conversation they notice it’s very late. They decide they best call it a night .

    Early the next morning finds Nanna in the kitchen. Raster walks in say” Good morning Mrs Nanna.” She turns with a smile: “Why good morning Raster. How are you this fine day?” He smiles back: “I am doing fine. I am glad I could see you today. I am leaving with the traders early tomorrow.”

    She ohh’s: “ I am sorry to see you go. But It has been good to know you young man.” Raster nods: “And you as well mrs Nanna.” They both hug just as Chip, and Tasha walk in. Nanna smiles at them. “Raster was just telling me he is leaving us tomorrow.” Tasha nods: “We will miss him.”

    Chip nods we decided to walk to the village school today so the little ones can wish Raster goodbye.. Nanna nods: “That will be nice. I want you all to have a good breakfast before you go.” They all nod, and sit down. The older rabbit housekeeper gives them all bowls of fruit and large cups of juice.

    Raster smiles: “I will miss the meals I have had here Nanna.” She responds: :”Thank you Raster. I will have a bag lunch you can take with you tomorrow.” The young raccoon finishes his cup of juice and thanks her. Tasha and Chip finish as well then they all get up to leave. Raster gives Nanna one last hug before they leave.

    Dinre walks in just in time to wish them a good morning. They leave as he sits at the table. Soon they are outside at the village center. Chip says: “There is the school bell. We should go there now.” Tasha nods and they take the path toward the school.

    Soon they can hear the children singing good morning to their teacher. Moments later Tasha steps inside and walks up to talk to the teacher. The teacher then tells the children that Raster Raccoon wishes to speak to the class.

    With that he walks in waving to the happy faces then standing before them he says: “You children and I have spent many hours together. I have told you many stories and shown you games to play. But now I must leave this valley.” A soft cry of disappointment is heard. Raster raises his paw: “But I will return. I will be with the traders. They come here often so I should be back by late summer.”

    In spite of the teacher they surround Raster. Their little paws reaching out wishing to touch or hug him, some crying: “Please stay!” They finally quiet down enough to let him bid them farewell. The teacher tells them to all to write a note for their raccoon friend. The larger ones help the little ones who cannot write. Raster promises to write them while he is gone. And he leaves the school with Tasha, and Chip.

    The day passes quickly as they walk about so Raster can wish all a farewell. As the sun starts to set past the western ridge of the small valley they are at the trader’s camp they talk to Tanger for a few minutes. He tells Raster they will leave as soon as there is enough there light the next morning.

    With that Chip, Tasha, and Raster return to the large house in the village center so Raster can have one last supper with them. Dinre meets them at the door. “I am glad you could have supper with us Raster.” He smiles at the elder rabbit: It has been pleasant living here with your family. I will miss you all.”

    Dinre nods: “I will miss you. You have shown us that other creatures in this world can be trusted and deserving of our kindness.” Chip and Tasha nod as the raccoon smiles giving each a hug. “I will miss you and those I have made friends with here as well.”

    Dinre picks up a bundle of papers and hands them to the young raccoon: “The teacher of our school said these are for you. Letters from the young ones I think.” Raster smiles: “Thank you. She said she would see that I got them.” He then places them in his pack.

    Hearing Nannas call for supper they all go to eat. Then return to the sitting room afterwards. There they sit and talked more about their adventures and Rasters plans. Soon They decide it best to call it a night since Raster needed to get up very early. Dinre, Chip and Tasha tell him they plan to go with him to the camp the next morning.

    Early the next morning, even before the twilight brightened the eastern sky Raster and his friends walked toward the traders camp. Only the light from a nearly full moon was all that made it possible to find their way.

    Soon they come to the camp. There the raccoons were busy breaking camp. Tanger smiled as he saw them. “So young raccoon are you ready to go?” Raster sits his pack on the ground and nods: “I am ready. Can I be of help?” Tanger shakes his head: “Perhaps later. You say your goodbyes.”

    Tanger talks to Dinre: “We should be back in three months old friend.” The elder rabbit nods: “Take care.. We look forward to your return.” The older raccoon smiles, As I do as well.” He then walks over to Tasha , and Chip. “ You look after this gal young rabbit.” Chip nods: “I will.” Tasha gives the older raccoon a hug. “You be well Tanger.”

    He smiles: “I will.” Then turns to Raster: “We will be going in a few minutes young fellow. “ Raster nods: “I am ready.” Tasha, and Chip both give the raccoon a hug, then watch as he picks up his pack and walks over and joins the traders as they start to leave. Tasha hugs Chip as they watch the traders slowly disappear into the forest along the southern trail. She wipes a tear from her cheek: “He will be missed.” Chip and Dinre nod.

    It is full daylight by the time they return to the large house at the village center. After entering Dinre says he has some business to take care of and leaves by way of the kitchen to grab a bit of breakfast. Chip and Tasha decide to return to their room, and try to get a bit more sleep.

    We will leave Chip and Tasha for now. When we return a few months will have past. Perhaps even spring. The next story will be about Chip and Tashas new family.

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