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Here is a short story about Umi Raccoon

Story © 2001 by Umi Raccoon.
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Umi’s Journal Entry

*Writers note: The wording within the *’s is the entry that Umi is putting into the journal*

It was a day like any other day. Roger was off at work. Chad was off at school. That left Umi alone to straighten up the house and do some laundry. As Umi prepared to do the laundry, she looked outside to see weither or not the weather would be perfect for her to hang the clothes out to dry. To her dismay, Umi saw that the rain that had come in the day before had decided to stay. “Well, I guess that I’ll have to wait another day to do the laundry.”

About two hours later, Umi had finished cleaning up the house. With nothing better to do, she sat down in the livingroom and turned on the TV, only to find that all the TV would show her was fuzz. “The rain must be causing some sort of interference with the reception.” So she turned off the TV and turned on her stereo, putting on one of the many tapes she has. Smiling to herself as the classical music begins to play, she begins to notice the coldness coming into the house. “I bet run up and get a blanket. I don’t think I should just waist electricity to warm the whole house if I’m the only one here.”

So, Umi runs up the stairs to grab her blanket and notices her journal. “Maybe I should write in my journal now. I really don’t have anything better to do. Besides, I’ve been wanting to put a little something in there for quite a while.” So Umi grabbed her blanket and the journal and headed down stairs. Since it was close to lunchtime already, Umi headed into the kitchen instead of the living room. She made herself a sandwich and grabbed potato chips before heading into the living room and making herself comfortable. “Nothing like being warm and comfortable to make you feel like writing.”

Umi opens up her journal and takes out the pen that is her place marker. She takes a bite out of the sandwich and then begins to write.

*I know I’ve not really put down on paper my life story. I was told to do this quite a while ago. I feel now is as good a time as any to do so, so here I go.

I was born into a nice family. I had all the advantages that every young fur can have. A good home, a warm bed, and caring parents. I was even very good at school. I was valedictorian of my class. I also graduated a year early. That is how I meet my husband. Roger was a senior in High School the same time I was. I became his tutor and soon we feel in love. One thing led to another and I soon found myself pregnant. My parents were not to very happy and kicked me out of the house. For a while after they had kicked me out I was living under a bridge. I didn’t tell Roger this until he saw me in the hospital a month later. I was very ill and somefur had found me on the street looking very pale and not very attentive.

I graduated in the fall and he graduated in the spring. During the time while he was in school, I had found a job working in a bar. The government didn’t know that such a young fur was working there. That is how I made most of the money I needed when it came time for the doctor’s visits. I was also able to also pay off the hospital bill and give a little to Rogers family for the rental of the room they gave me after Roger insisted that I sleep indoors.

As soon as Roger graduated, we both were married. I had my baby, Chad, about a month afterwards. It was a sort of struggle to make ends meet now with Chad to care for. I was beginning to steal the products I needed when the money I had began not to cover everything. I didn’t tell Roger I was doing so because I didn’t want him to feel that his efforts were not enough. As it was, his parents were pressuring us to move out and find our own place to live. Roger seemed to convince them, though, that as long as he was in school, that it should be all right for us to stay. Roger soon found a part time job and we moved out. Between our incomes, we just barely made it. I was still stealing, among a couple of new things, just to make ends meet. Roger knew none of what I did to help out. He just thought we were making it and that my boss had given me a raise.

One day when Roger and I had gone to the store, I left Chad alone with Roger outside. Chad was about a year old then. When I had not come out in some time, Roger entered the store to enquire about me. Needless to say he found out the truth. The cops where called in and I was arrested.*

Umi looked up as she heard a big clash of thunder. A few seconds later the lights went out. “I guess I better get some candles.” Umi got up and went into the kitchen. She opened up the cabinet with the candles in it and reached up to get one. She lit it and went back into the living room. She sat down next to her journal and looked it over. “Pretty good so far if I do says so myself. I still have a ways to go however.” Umi then settled herself back down, setting the candle to where she could see what she is writing. “I do hope Roger comes home soon so he can turn the lights back on.”

*At the police station I was told that robbery was a small offence and that I’d get just a couple of days. I then looked the officer in the eyes and confessed to all the other things I had been doing. I just felt terrible about begin caught stealing that I felt the need to tell all. Needless to say, the officer that was in there was very shocked at what I had gotten away with. So was Roger. I ended up going on trial for 26 different charges. That gave me a combined jail time of 6 years, since most of the charges were minor.

When I first arrived at the women’s correction facility, I was pretty nervous and scared about what was going to happen, only because I had heard about what sort of things happen in there. I was relieved to find out that what I had heard was not true. Everyone in there treated me rather well. Roger did come to see me a couple of times, but the times between the visits would get further and further apart. Soon he didn’t come to see me at all. I began to think that he didn’t love me any more. I became very depressed. I was soon put on a suicide watch because I, according to the doctors, began to show signs of wanting to commit suicide. I was soon taken off when they realized that my actions where just the normal way I show depression. I tried writing Roger a couple of times, but each time he would not answer. After the first year and a half of no answers I decided that I’d lost him and that I’d never see him or my son again. I stopped telling other furs that I was married. I just said that I was alone and had on one on the outside. To me that was true. I had no family and certainly no more friends. Only a few of the women in the jail, the ones who where there when I got there and were in for life, know my true secret. Not even the guards knew I was married.

For the next 4 years I just moped around the facility. I did what I was supposed to and I spent the rest of my time in my cell, just staring at the wall. I would really hate visiting day because just about everyone had someone to visit them. Those of us who did not got the lovely job of getting some extra chores done. Needless to say, I really didn’t have a good time. I was happy when I was told that I only had six more months to go. Then, when I remembered about Roger, I became sad again and I began to wonder where I was going to go when I finally got out. I started to look into options and a halfway house sounded like my best option.

As luck would have it Roger got into some trouble with the law over a speeding ticket two months before I was to get out. He was sentenced to spend some time helping out the women’s corrections facility where I was. Normally those that come here to help like that get to go around and pick up some trash. However, there seem to be so many the day Roger came that they assigned him to visit with some of us unvisited prisoners. I had the chance a few times to visit with some outsiders. It was nice, but I was saddened when I could not go home when they left. I guess it was my turn on the list because I was told I had a visitor. I thought nothing of it and thought that it was just my turn to talk to some dumb sap who had finally got caught. I was beginning to sort of envy them also.*

Umi looks up as Chad comes into the house. “Hi Chad. How was school?”

Chad smiles and looks at his mom, “It was alright. I’ve got lots of homework so I’m just going to go up stairs and do it.”

“Let me get a candle for you so you can see what you’re doing. The power is out.” Umi says as she gets up. She grabs her candle and goes into the kitchen. When she comes out she has two candles. “Let’s go up to your room. You still a little young to carry this just yet.”

“But mom,” Chad protests. “I’m 8 years old already. Don’t you remember?”

“I do, but I still feel that I should handle the candle. Trust me, please”

“Alright mom.”

Chad and Umi head upstairs into Chad’s room. Umi sets one of the candles down on Chad’s desk and says, “If you can’t really see to do your homework you can wait till your father gets home. I give you permission.” Chad nods and sits down to try to start on his homework. “I’ll be downstairs if you need me Chad. I’ll bring up a snack for you later.”

“Alright mom. I’m just going to do the best I can until dad gets home.” Chad replies.

Umi goes back down stairs and walks back into the living room. “Alright. I don’t have to much more time, I better finish this pretty soon.” Umi says as she sets the candle down and, once again, gets comfortable. She finishes the last little bit of sandwich before beginning to write again.

*As Umi walked into the room she noticed a fur who looked like an older version of the fur she once called her husband. She knew she was not going to like this visit. As the guard did his customary introduction of the prisoner to the person whose job it was to visit those who didn’t have anyone to visit, he began to laugh. He thought it a little strange that we seemed to have the same last names. Then again, he had only introduced me. The other fur began to give me strange looks while the guard was laughing. I was just about to poke the guard when he finally settled down and told me the name of the other fur. Roger. Now I understood why he was giving me funny looks. I turned to the guard and stated that I didn’t want to be here. The guard only stated that if I didn’t stay, my time would be extended a month. I was beginning to get tired of living life behind bars so I stayed. I didn’t tell the guard, though, that this fur was actually my husband. After about five or so minutes I finally began the conversation with the how have you been line. The conversation soon came to how Chad was doing. I got to finally see a picture of my son. He was growing up to be so good looking. ‘he’ll steal the heart of any young woman he goes out with’ I had commented at one point. I that loosened him up a bit. What finally got him was when I came over to his side of the table and got down on my knees beside him. I asked him for his forgiveness for what I had done to him and Chad. I was so glad when he finally accepted the apology. I stood up and we hugged then. It felt so good to feel him in my arms again. I told him how I was due to get out in two months. He told me he’d be happy to have me back into his and Chad’s life. That was about the time the guard came. He seemed more shocked when he walked in on us hugging than when he found out that we had the same last name. I bid a fond farewell to Roger and Roger promised that he’d come back and see as soon as he could.

When Roger left everyone had asked me who the other fur was. I simply told them my husband. Most were shocked. Those that knew felt it was about time I began saying I had a husband again.

The rest of the two months I seemed to perk up. I did my chores and everything as I was supposed to, but now I went out and ran around the track or I’d go and watch TV. I would call Roger once in a while when I had the chance to, and we’d talk for a bit of time.

Soon it came time for me to leave. I was a bit nervous when I went before the review board. Luckily they said I could leave the jail. I was relieved. What shocked me was that I was placed under house arrest. I had to wear this ugly looking ankle bracelet and stay in my home for the next six months. This saddened me, but I felt it was only fair after all the terrible things I had done in the past.

As soon as I was packed and ready to go, I gave Roger a call. When he did not answer, I began to worry. I also began to wonder if Roger remembered to come and pick me up. I began to pace around the lobby, wondering if maybe he was not going to pick me up. Just as I was about to ask if there was any way I could be escorted home, Roger showed up. He said that they called him in at the last minute to work even though he told them that he really should not be bothered on this day. We were still escorted home by the police and that is where I stayed for the next six months.

During that time I got to know Chad better, establish a normal routine, and rebuild my love and trust with Roger. I was a bit sad at times when I was not able to leave the house, however, I was happy just to be home.

I was truly happy when I was told that I didn’t have to wear the band around my ankle. Instead, I was told that I could not leave the house unless Roger was with me. That was much better than staying home alone while Chad and Roger got to do some fun things. Now I get to go places again. It’s not really too bad. I still miss fully having my freedom, but I’m happy to have what little freedom I still have left.*

As Umi closes her journal, Roger walks into the house. “Why is the house so dark, Umi?” He asks.

“Well dear, during the lightning storm we had, they went out. I was hoping you could turn them back on. I’m not really go with that sort of thing.” Umi replies.

“Alright. While I do that, why don’t you tell me about your day.” Roger says.

Umi smiles and is more than happy to tell Roger the happenings of her day.


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